We are always looking for talented researchers to join our laboratory. Please read the information on this page before applying for a position in the laboratory. Hiring is done on a rolling basis through out the year.

The MADES laboratory is interested in the development and application of computational techniques to the design and discovery of advanced engineering materials. Researchers in the laboratory have the opportunity to collaborate with internal and external research groups. We especially value creative researchers with a passion for bridging basic science with advanced engineering applications. Candidates will have the opportunity to work in a diverse, interdisciplinary and dynamic environment.

Doctoral Students & Postdoctoral researchers

Applicants for doctoral positions in the laboratory must have a good understanding of the fundamentals of materials science. Candidates with prior experience in programming, or the application of computer simulation to materials science will be given preference. Students are encouraged to first apply to the doctoral program before reaching out to us. Successful candidates are typically required to have (or be close to receiving) a masters degree. Exceptional candidates with a bachelors degree may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Postdoctoral researchers are expected to be well-versed in applying computational methods to solving significant challenges in materials science. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to lead projects that combine first-principles calculations, machine-learning and statistical mechanics techniques to design novel materials and processing techniques. The ideal candidate should have a passion for applying cutting edge research techniques across research domains and length scales. Postdoctoral scholars must also have good programming skills, experience with high-throughput computing and a good understanding of advanced concepts in materials science.

To apply for a postdoctoral or graduate student position please send your application to this e-mail address. Your application must contain:

Opportunities for students at EPFL

MADES offers several semester and thesis projects to students at EPFL. The goals of the projects are tailored to individual student interests and the current topics of interest to the laboratory. Students that are interested in pursuing a project with MADES are encouraged to have:

If required, several tutorials on programming and computing within UNIX environments are readily available online. Please send an e-mail with your CV to this address if you are interested in pursuing a project in MADES for the upcoming semester.

Funding Opportunities

Researchers outside of EPFL can apply for several competitive fellowships that will enable them to conduct research within MADES. A few of these opportunities are listed below: